Michael Jackson’s chimp warned him about `gold digging` family members

Washington: Michael Jackson believed that his chimpanzee had an instinct for being able to tell who in his family was only after his wealth.

The King of Pop is said to have barred siblings from his Neverland ranch if the pet did not like them.

According to the staff the late singer often used to say that ‘Bubbles’ was a good judge of character.

‘‘Bubbles often would be a gauge for Michael to decide who should stay and go,” a website has quoted a former housekeeper as telling a newspaper.

The revelation comes around the time that the performer’s family is fighting over the star’s millions.

His ex-employee revealed that the pop star would react to Bubbles response to his various relatives and would say ‘‘they are only after my money.”

The legendary singer’s brothers Jermaine and Randy were said to be among those who were regularly snubbed.