Michelle Rodriguez returns ex-Cara Delevingne`s `no longer required` Bambi portrait

London: Michelle Rodriguez has returned her former girlfriend Cara Delevingne`s portrait to street artist Bambi Graffiti `s agent, saying that it was "no longer required".

Rodriguez, who had commissioned the pop art portrait, which featured a monochrome outline of the model`s face, with her piercing blue eyes and red lips highlighted in bold colours, was shipped back, say reports.

Bambi`s manager and agent Lenny Villa has confirmed the return of the item, joking that he suspects a "lover`s tiff" may have played a part and that he had received no complaints except for the note that said that it was no longer required.

He said that nobody ever sends back a Bambi and he is baffled by this, but will sell it again, as people are queuing up to buy her work.

Delvingne and the `Avatar` actress were first spotted kissing at a basketball game in February and had been almost inseparable, before rumours were rife that the pair`s relationship may have fallen off track after a string of rows.

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