Middle-aged women shouldn’t be criticised for ditching bra, says Jo Wood

Updated: Oct 08, 2012, 13:05 PM IST

London: Former wife of the Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, Jo has said that mature women should not be criticised for ditching their bras.

Jo, 57, who was the subject of tabloid scrutiny last week after she wore a translucent top to a Mayfair soiree, has spoken out about why middle-aged women should not be criticised for ditching their brassieres.

“We should be allowed to go without,” the Telegraph quoted her as saying at the Inspiration Awards for women, at Cadogan Hall, in Chelsea.

“I mean, they’re only breasts. It’s no big deal. We need to calm down about it,” she said.

She pointed out that a younger woman, who also attended the event, the 33rd birthday party of Ben Caring, at Annabel’s nightclub, without her underwear.

“Another girl did it, in her twenties, so, what the hell?” she said.

The former model, who now runs an organic beauty products firm, said that she was unaware of the effect that the light would have on her outfit.

“I didn’t know you could see through that,” she said.

“I had no idea until I saw the photos. I went, ‘How did that happen?’ My sons were probably more embarrassed than me,” she added.