Miley Cyrus calls marijuana `the best drug on earth`

Los Angeles: Pop star Miley Cyrus feels weed is much better than cocaine, describing the latter class-A drug as `so gross` and dated.

The 20-year-old `We Can`t Stop` hitmaker has opened up about her drug use, insisting she prefers the so-called `social drugs` despite Hollywood being a supposed `coke town`, reported Rolling Stone magazine.

"One time I smoked a joint with peyote in it, and I saw a wolf howling at the moon. Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is so much better. And Molly (MDMA), too. Those are happy drugs - social drugs. They make you want to be with friends. You`re out in the open. You`re not in a bathroom," Cyrus said.

"I really don`t like coke. It`s so gross and so dark. It`s like, what are you, from the `90s?" she added.

Cyrus also discussed her new video `Wrecking Ball`, saying while people might `hate it` at first, she expects it to become as iconic as Sinead O`Connor`s `Nothing Compares 2 U`, in which the singer- then bald - sings and cries at the camera.

"I think people are going to hate it; they`re going to see my ass and be like, `Oh my God, I can`t believe she did that`... I think it will be one of those iconic videos, too. I think it`s something that people are not gonna forget," Cyrus said.

"Hopefully an artist 30 years from now will be like, `Yo, you remember that Miley Cyrus video? We gotta do something like that`," she said.