Millionaire Susan Boyle takes the bus

London: Her debut album brought a whopping USD 6 million in to her bank account, but singer Susan Boyle is not spending any of that money on chauffeurs or limousines as she was spotted waiting for a bus.

In typical SuBo style, she was spotted leaving her new home and catching the No 8 bus to her local train station. The 49-year-old singer who has been roped in to sing for Pope Benedict XVI, waited patiently at an empty bus stop near her home in Blackburn, Scotland, reported Daily Mail online.

It was hardly the most surprising move by the superstar singer, who reluctantly moved to a new home earlier this year from her modest council house.

She bought the new property after an intruder broke into her old home, which she`d occupied since she was a child. The Scottish singer became an instant celebrity following her appearance on the talent hunt show `Britain`s Got Talent`. `

Catholic Church leaders have apparently asked Miss Boyle to perform in front of a 150,000 crowd which is expected at an outdoor mass held by the Pope.