Mindy Kaling keen to wear sari

IANS| Updated: Apr 04, 2014, 09:34 AM IST

Los Angeles: American actress Mindy Kaling, whose parents are from India, is planning to embrace her Indian heritage and wear a sari at her next red carpet event. She feels the the outfit is "alluring without being too revealing".

“The Mindy Project” star, who hit the headlines last week for wearing a jacquard Topshop crop top and matching skirt on the red carpet, says the controversial look inspired her to go for sari.

"To me, when Indian women wear saris there`s a little patch of skin that many women can (show off) without feeling self-conscious. It`s alluring without being too revealing. I don`t have like a six-pack or anything but I can wear it and show it off,”reportedly.

"And I liked that even though that wasn`t an Indian inspired outfit at all, that sort of revealed that same sort of patch of skin that Indian women do traditionally all the time. It made me want to wear a sari, actually,”said.