Missing socks cost each household £240 a year

London: A Brit survey has found that missing socks are costing each household a staggering 240 pounds a year.

A family of four loses an average of 60 every year, and 82 per cent of young men say they wear odd socks at least once a week as a result.

And it’s not just cheap everyday socks that disappear in the washing machine. Costly ski socks, football socks and walking socks are just as likely to vanish, reports the Daily Mail.

The national survey of 1,500 Brits by laundry specialists Dr. Beckmann revealed that missing socks are most likely to affect the male members of the household.

Northern men are top of the list as the most likely victims of sock disappearances, with 67 per cent reporting that they lose up to 15 socks a year.

Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds are the next most likely places for socks to go missing.

Black socks are the most likely candidates to go missing, with 78 per cent of those surveyed complaining that these are the most difficult sock colour to pair up after a washing cycle.

Young men aged 14 to 25 are at a higher risk of suffering from missing socks and 82 per cent of this age group admit to wearing odd socks on a weekly basis as a result.

While females in the same age bracket are most likely to be able to keep track of their sock pairs as only 21 per cent said that they regularly lost a sock in the wash each week.