MJ feared being shot during gigs, claims bodyguard

Washington: Michael Jackson’s former security guard has revealed that the late singer was so convinced he would be assassinated onstage that he wore bullet proof vest whenever he went for shows and concerts.

Matt Fiddes opened up about the time he spent with the pop superstar and said that he wore a bullet proof vest during his trial on child molestation charges in 2005 and following that he wore it to all his onstage performances.

“Michael said to me, ‘I fear I``m not going to make these concerts, or may get assassinated onstage. Please could you make sure my children are OK.`` He was a mess. He told me that during his four-month trial... he had to wear a bullet-proof vest every day. Michael said he would have to wear one through the concerts and wasn``t sure how he``d get through them because of his worries,” Contactmusic quoted him as telling The People.

Fiddes also revealed that Jackson was under such pressure before his press conference in London in March 2009 that he had to drink half a bottle of whiskey to calm his nerves.

The pop star died in 2009, a few weeks before he was due to hit the stage in London with his ‘This Is It’ shows.


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