MJ`s kids future may see them becoming `performing monkeys`, says godfather

Updated: Apr 16, 2013, 14:45 PM IST

London: The British godfather of Michael Jackson`s kids, Mark Lester, has warned that their increasing spells in the spotlight might turn them into "performing monkeys".

The superstar`s son Prince, 16, has already started a career as a TV showbiz host and his sister Paris, 15, and brother Blanket, 11, are both interested in acting.

Lester, who was a close pal of Jacko, told the Sun that pushing the kids into the spotlight is definitely not going to make them happy.

He said that they`re going to feel like they have to emulate their father, which according to him, is never going to happen.

Lester said that when the kids will get older they will be able to make their own decisions, but to risk treating them like performing monkeys when they`re so young is wrong.

The 54-year-old actor, who became mates with Michael in 1982, added that the sad fact is that the kids have been isolated from many of the people they used to spend time with.

Lester also confirmed that he is one of at least three men who could be the biological dad of Paris and Prince , as he donated sperm before their birth to mother Debbie Rowe.