MJ`s pet chimp Bubbles abandoned by his family

London: Michael Jackson`s pet chimp Bubbles, who was once the most pampered and powerful primate in pop, has now been abandoned by the singer`s family.

He travelled first class around the globe without a hint of hassle - and even joined Michael on his 1987 Bad tour of Japan.

When he wasn`t mimicking the King of Pop`s trademark Moonwalk, he enjoyed a glitzy existence, going to star-studded premieres, gigs and album signings.

Staff at the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, where he now stays, said that the popstar`s kids, Prince, 16, Paris, 14, and Blanket, 11, have not seen him since his relocation in 2005, the Mirror reported.

A spokesman said that Michael`s sister La Toya had paid a visit there, as part of a documentary she was filming with Animal Planet, about two years ago but that was the only visit they have had from a member of the Jackson family.

Bubbles, now 27 years old, was not provided for in Jackson`s will and the sanctuary bosses raise the annual 13,000-pound bill to care for him.

Michael originally rescued two-year-old Bubbles from a Texas medical lab and had him raised by an animal trainer before officially adopting him in 1983 and for a time took the chimp everywhere - including to afternoon tea with a Japanese mayor.

Bubbles slept in a cot next to Michael`s bed, wore identical outfits, even including the creepy surgeon`s masks.

Michael had even looked into operating on Bubbles to make him talk by implanting vocal cords.

But, after the birth of Michael`s son Prince Michael Jnr, Bubbles was deemed too dangerous to be around children and was sent off to live with Hollywood animal trainer Bob Dunn.

Workers at the sanctuary said that Bubbles is well-cared for and happily passes his days eating sweet potatoes, watching TV and listening to music.