Modi's clarity of vision will take India places: Hema Malini

Actress and BJP member Hema Malini has lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech

Modi's clarity of vision will take India places: Hema Malini

Mumbai: Actress and BJP member Hema Malini has lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech at the Britain Parliament and said that his “clarity of vision” and “single-minded mission” will benefit India.

Hema wrote a series of posts on Twitter to share her thoughts.

She wrote: “Was watching Modiji's speech addressing the Britain Parliament. What clarity of vision, single-minded mission of putting India ahead on the global map."

“The respect he commanded in that august gathering was simply mind blowing! We are truly blessed with him as our leader. He will take us places.”

Hema, who is a LOk Sabha member from Mathura district, also took a dig at those who are criticising Modi.

“Why do other parties try to criticise him and try to pull him down when he is so good for the image of our country among world nations? Whichever country he visits, he commands awe and respect, and even those 'who came to mock, remained to pray'. He carries himself with such dignity.”

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