Moms pampered on Mother`s Day

Updated: May 09, 2011, 09:28 AM IST

New Delhi: Whether through gifts, a session at a spa or simply rustling up a meal at home, Delhiites had a variety of ways to make their moms feel special on Mother`s Day Sunday.

Call centre employee Anushka Verma said she booked a session at a spa for her mother.

"Whenever I feel the need to relax, I go for a massages or a fish pedicure at a spa in a mall nearby. But my mom has never been to one. So for Mother`s Day, I decided to gift her a spa session and needless to say, she was thrilled to bits!," Verma said.

"Of course, I am going to be there too so that I can guide her and we can do some mother-daughter bonding," she added.

Avir Choudhury, an IT professional, said that he planned to spend the entire day with his parents, something he rarely gets to do courtesy his hectic schedule.

"I told my mom `no cooking today`. It has been ages that the three of us have gone out anywhere. So today, I am taking them out for a movie, then maybe some shopping and then a grand dinner at some good Chinese joint, since my mother loves Chinese food," Choudhury said.

For Anisha Dev, the perfect Mother`s Day gift for her mother is spending time at home.

"I work six days a week and therefore catch up with my friends on Sundays. So when I asked my mom what she wants on Mother`s Day, she simply said `a little bit of your time`. I was so moved that I have decided that from this day on, I will take out some exclusive `mom and me` time every Sunday," Dev said.

"But to celebrate the day, I am cooking a meal for my parents today. I don`t have any grand plans. Frankly, I think these days are just created by the marketing teams of card companies to increase sales. But then again, if this can actually bring about a good change, then why not?" she added.

Stressing further on the joys of simple things, Shanta Sharma, mother of two seven-year-olds, said: "I had no idea that it`s Mother`s Day until my children slipped a hand painted card near my pillow early in the morning. I don`t think I have received anything so beautiful ever really made my day!".