More than half Kiwi kids already ‘social media adults’

Wellington: Around 64 percent of kids in New Zealand possess online habits similar to mature adults by the time they turn 11, a new survey has revealed.

The digital diaries project, commissioned by antivirus and internet security company AVG Technologies, found that these kids are ‘social media adults’ even before they reach their teens.

“However, they have not developed the intellectual or emotional maturity to make the right decisions in the many complex situations they face online, from simple etiquette to gross invasions of privacy, sexual inappropriateness, and social bias,” quoted AVG security adviser Michael McKinnon as saying.

On the other hand, Netsafe chief technology officer Sean Lyons does not believe that advent of digital technology has changed children’s lives much over the last 10 years.

He believes that young kids know how to mitigate and manage these risks.

“It’s just another way of doing things young people always do, like communicating and playing,” Lyons said.


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