Most Britons have no idea about UK fruits

London: A new survey has revealed that most Britons have no idea when UK fruit and vegetable are in season, what traditional varieties are or even how they grow.

Despite people keen to eat healthy food and slash their carbon footprint on fresh foods they buy in the supermarket, a survey has revealed a worrying lack of knowledge about home-grown products, reports the Daily Express.

Previously, it was revealed how the harvest festival tradition has been forgotten, with 80 per cent of people no longer joining in the autumn celebration.

The latest research has revealed that one in 10 people think strawberries grow on trees and one in 12 think Brussels sprouts do too.

Fresh fruit and vegetable supplier From My Farm did the survey of 14,000 people.

"We really need to get back in tune with what nature can provide all year round to help us lead healthy lives," said Rick Sanderson of From My Farm.


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