Most workers fall prey to lethargy on weekends

London: Most people are unproductive on weekends and fall prey to lethargy, owing to the hectic long week at work, a new study has suggested.

Long hours at work and lengthy commutes mean that we need a Saturday and Sunday lie-in – only to flop in front of the television when people do eventually get up, the Daily Express reported.

The study, which took into consideration 3,000 Britons, also found that while the average person wakes up by 8.37am, just one in 10 get out of bed straight away. Most hit the snooze button, go back to sleep, read or watch television in bed.

Half of those who polled said that they were not productive at the weekend and the majority put it down to exhaustion after a hectic week at work.

One in five adults asserted that they were often still in their nightwear at midday on Saturday and a relaxed four out of 10 admitted that they spend the whole day without ever getting out of their ‘pyjamas’.

Those who do try to get things done said their weekends were ­occupied with household chores and preparing for the week ahead, with little time for chilling out.

One in three confessed that they get jealous on a Monday morning when a colleague describes an action-packed weekend.

Four out of 10 people said that they waste at least two weekends every month.

“It’s natural we take our foot off the pedal at the weekend,” Claire Haigh, spokesman, Premier Inn, which commissioned the poll said.

“A large proportion lounge around till midday – these could be busy mums who haven’t had chance to get dressed, professionals who have worked long hours during the week, students who have been burning the candle at both ends.”

“While we all take it easier at the weekends, people feel they should do more to make the most of them,” Haigh added.


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