Mozart`s piano composition `uncovered`

London: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed over 600 works in his lifetime, many acknowledged as pinnacles of symphonic, concertante, operatic, and choral music. Now, a piano piece, believed to have been written when he was 10, has been uncovered in Austria.

The piece, thought to have been composed in 1767 or 1768, was found in a notebook in an attic. And, researchers recently determined there was strong evidence Allegro Molto is a Mozart composition. It was transcribed into a notebook bearing name Del Signore Giovane Wolfgango Mozart.

Although the music was not written in the hand of Mozart or his father Leopold, historians at Salzburg`s Mozarteum foundation strongly believe it is by the burgeoning composer, the `BBC` reported.

Music expert Hildegard Herrmann-Schneider said Leopold Mozart used this name when writing down his son`s name. The 160-page handwritten notebook, dated 1780, also contained musical works written by Mozart`s father.

Austrian musician Florian Birsak said: "It`s not just anyone`s piece, there is already a touch of the great Mozart he later became."