Music concert in Delhi sends out message of peace and unity

New Delhi: Under the theme of "Peace and Unity" a music concert was held at Nagaland House in New Delhi recently.

Several artists like Methaneilie Jutakhrie - a legendary singer from Nagaland, Vinienuo Sekhose, BK, a rapper from Tripura, DJ Ina from Nagaland and a music band - the Red Light Passengers from Manipur performed at the concert.

The artists played different genres of music at the event held under the aegis of Angami Krotho.

The main objective of the event was to promote peace and unity.

Kuolie Mere, one of the organisers of the event, said: "The main objective of the event is to promote peace , unity and integrity among the nagas and the Northeast people to the people of Delhi so that we can stay peacefully and achieve our goal instead of taking protest in the street we want to promote peace and integrity through music."

Methaneilie Jutakhrie is a Legendary Naga Singer, composer and musician from Nagaland, and he sang multi-lingual songs, including Hindi songs that left the audience enthralled.

Red Light Passengers - Pop/Punk Rock Band from Manipur also performed that night.

The band believes that music is one of the biggest tools that can be used to bring about change in the society.

Thotreimung Muivah, a vocalist with the Red Light Passengers, said: "This is something we really want to take part in, because it`s all about unity and love. We are from different tribes but we want to tell the world that we can be one though we have differences but we can live in peace. So this event means a lot to us."

Vicky, a student, said: "It brings different tribes and different people together. It is one of the best ways to reach out, through music."

BK, the most upcoming talented rapper, singer and songwriter from Tripura, performed at the concert with D J Ina, one of the first DJs from Nagaland, along with Lead Guitarist Moses Rai and Bass Guitarist Lima Kichu.

His songs, based on life and social issues, have unique messages, compelling lyrics and inspiring stories.

A large crowd turned up for the event.

B.K.Hrangkhawl, a rapper from Tripura, said: "I believe that through songs, we can make a lot of change. I guess it`s because of ignorance, people, they discriminate, even though we are from same place. But through music, we can educate them, because youngsters are interested in music so they get messages out of it."

Pallavi, a student, said: "It`s nice experience. We had lots of fun and, it`s good to explore different cultures like this. I have never experienced this before.So, it`s very good."

The music and musicians of the Northeast are gaining popularity and in the process the gap between the region and the rest of the country is being bridged. By Themthingchon YR