My family keeps me sane: Nicole Kidman

Los Angeles: Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman Mankind says she puts her family first than her jam-packed film career.

The 46-year-old actress said that her husband of seven years Keith Urban and kids keep her sane, reportedly.

"I think we`re a gypsy family and we travel around a lot, and as long as I have my husband and kids close, then everywhere feels pretty safe and pretty sane. I come from a family like that and we`ve created our family now to be like that," she said.

Kidman shared that her family is down-to-earth despite the fact that both she and Urban are household names.

"There`s a goldfish and a bunny. It`s a completely normal life, which is what we both work very hard to have for our children. And I know normal has 100 different definitions these days, but what I consider normal is just really kind of eating dinner together, having breakfast together, talking, hanging out, going to movies?just the normal stuff".