My kids are totally unimpressed with my work: Woody Allen

London: Woody Allen says his daughters are not very impressed by his filmmaking career.

The 77-year-old filmmaker, who has two adolescent daughters Bechet Dumaine and Manzie Tio with wife Soon-Yi Previn, said his children are not interested in watching movies made by him.

"My children have expressly said: `Dad, you are such a loser.` I am quoting directly there. They are totally unimpressed with what I do, or by me. I`ve made 45 movies or so, and I think one of the girls has seen two of them, and that`s it," Allen said.

"They go to the movies with their friends and see the drivel that their peer group watches. You know they`re nice kids but they have no interest in me. They see me as an idiot savant who can make films but can`t change his typewriter ribbon," he added.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker is well known for his hit movie like `Annie Hall` `Manhattan`, `Hannah` and `Her Sisters` and `Midnight in Paris` among others.

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