My skating background helped in action roles: Melissa George

London: Australian actress Melissa George insists her roller skating background makes her the perfect choice for action roles.

The 35-year-old is convinced she picks up fast-paced stunts quicker than many of her peers because she was trained to perform on skates at an early age.

"I was competing from the age of five years old. When I turned 14, I was second in junior worlds and I was a hardcore competitor, morning and night, before and after school. I would travel the world," a website has quoted George as saying.

"And so I was doing triples and spins and jumps. And so when I get these action roles, I feel like I learn routines faster because I`m used to learning a routine on skates, and I`ve got the strength and I can do jumps and I can kick. When I do get a role like that, I really enjoy it. I pick it up," she added.


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