Naomi Watts says she `fell in love` with Princess Diana while filming

New York: Naomi Watts, who is to star in the upcoming biopic `Diana`, is apparently worried about her physical appearance in the flick.

Talking about her decision to take the role, the 44-year-old actress told Hamptons magazine that before signing for the movie she was thinking about all sorts of negative comments like, people pouncing on her for not looking enough like the late Princes, not being tall enough and not being properly British, the New York Post reported.

The `For Love Alone` star, who is focusing on the late Princess of Wales` affair with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, said that she was worried whether she will be able to stand the sensitivity of the character and about how Princes William and Harry will feel about it.

Watts said that she "fell in love" with Diana because she was "fighting to be happy" and the actress can`t really think of many people who can survive that level of fame.