Naomi’s to get ‘Desdemona’s House’?

New York: Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s billionaire boyfriend is reportedly set to buy her the former house of real-life Shakespearean heroine Desdemona.

According to Italian news agency ANSA, the Palazzo Contarini-Fasan, a “flowery Gothic” structure that overlooks Venice’s Grand Canal, has come to be known to locals as “Desdemona’s House”, though there is no historical evidence to back up the legend.

Desdemona was a noblewoman, who was murdered by her jealous husband, and she is believed to have been the inspiration for Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Othello’, the New York Post reported.

Now 40-year-old Cambell’s billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Voronin is rumoured to be buying the property for her.

Russian tabloid Trud reported the couple met with the owners of the Palazzo and had a contract drawn up.


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