Natalie Imbruglia wants to join dating application

London: `Torn` hitmaker Natalie Imbruglia is keen to join a dating application as she is bored of staying single.

"Shocking! I`m so single. I`m starting to consider that I should go on Tinder... Well where am I going to meet people?" Imbruglia said on a radio show, reportedly.

The 39-year-old actress turned singer, who has been single for a while, is particularly keen on joining the matchmaking mobile app after one of her friends found love through the application.

"My girlfriend in London has fallen madly in love on her third Tinder date and I`m incredibly jealous," she said.

Imbruglia, who was previously married to singer Daniel Johns before they got divorced in 2008, has also been romantically linked to `Friends` star David Schwimmer and Prince Harry.