New mum takes 18 months to adjust

Updated: Jan 13, 2011, 09:59 AM IST

London: It takes an average of 18 months for a new mother to `feel like a woman again` after childbirth, according to a poll of thousands of British women.

In the survey, more than two thirds of those questioned admitted to feeling ‘saggy’, ‘fat’ and ‘unattractive’ in the months after giving birth, reports the Daily Mail.

During that one and a half year period, sleepless nights, loss of independence and weight worries all contribute to a crisis of confidence.

Six out of ten claimed their confidence took a real knock when they realised their old clothes didn’t fit.

And a quarter of the 3,000 women said they felt they were competing with other mothers – including celebrities – to lose weight quickly after birth.

Unsurprisingly, 64 per cent of those polled for fashion website A Beautiful Mummy claimed a lack of routine in the early months meant they struggled to make it through the day.

Around a third blamed breastfeeding for limiting what they could wear and 39 per cent felt unattractive in every outfit they put on.

Siobhan Freegard, of the Netmums parenting advice website, said that while 18 months might be the average figure, many women will take longer.