New series to mark centenary of Titanic’s fateful voyage

London: The Titanic disaster will be dramatised in a four-part TV series, exactly 100 years since its fateful maiden voyage.

ITV network chiefs had earlier this year revealed that they are planning to film a new version of the story, starring Celia Imrie and Linus Roache.

It has now been revealed that the show’s broadcast will coincide with the dates of the voyage, which began on 10 April, 1912, when the doomed ship set sail from Southampton and ended when she sank in the Atlantic in the early hours of 15 April.

“I think, rather cleverly, they are going to broadcast on the (dates of the) actual journey in April - the take-off (sic) and then the length of time it went on, and then the disaster. It’s four episodes,” The Daily Express quoted Imrie as telling This Morning.

“It’s fascinating because everybody has got an interest in it. It’s like a sort of ghastly fairytale really, because there is such glamour involved,” she added.