New York bans smoking in outdoors

Washington: New York City is all set to implement a new law that goes into effect tomorrow, banning smoking outdoors -- at beaches, boardwalks, parks, and pedestrian plazas.

The ban is not exactly universally popular.

“It’s not fair, Ya know. I`m a smoka. That’s my choice. I smoke. It’s not gonna make me stop,” CBS News quoted New Yorker Frank Zieran, as saying.

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg pushed for the law that aims to drastically reduce, if not eliminate exposure to second hand smoke.

“I feel like everywhere I go, people are outside smoking because they can’t be inside. And I have to steer my stroller out of the way of second hand smoke,” said Shari Dorfman.

Thirty-five states across the country have laws banning smoking indoors. But to date, less than three percent of cities across the country have outdoor smoking bans.

Public policy professor Dan Feldman said New York City’s ban may be counterproductive.

“I`m afraid it could hurt the credibility of more limited, more reasonable restrictions on smoking,” Feldman said.


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