NGO makes 250-kg cake in shape of toilet bowl

IANS| Updated: Nov 20, 2013, 15:52 PM IST

New Delhi: An NGO created a 16 foot long and 10 foot wide replica of a toilet bowl weighing 250-kg to mark World Toilet Day Tuesday.

The fruit cake with chocolate tiles was prepared by the International Institute of Culinary Arts in two-days. The frame of the toilet bowl is made of Plaster of Paris, fibre and moulded plywood.

"It may sound funny, but we wish to draw the attention of the society towards the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. The aim of the celebration is to create an awareness towards using toilets and sanitation," said Sulabh International Social Service Organisation founder Bindeshwar Pathak.

The cake, which was prepared with the help of local chefs, drew large crowds at the FICCI auditorium here.

"We are celebrating the birthday of late prime minister Indira Gandhi on this day. While celebrating, we are also starting a sanitation revolution in India, which is much needed," added Pathak.

Around 500 children from 15 schools in Delhi along with a large number of liberated manual scavenger women formed a human chain around the replica.

The UN this year declared Nov 19 as World Toilet Day.