Nick Stahl `missing for 4 days` after leaving rehab

Updated: Jun 20, 2012, 14:46 PM IST

London: Nick Stahl, who went missing back in May before entering a rehabilitation facility to address drug and alcohol addiction, has once again vanished after checking himself out.

According to E! News, the Terminator 3 star who played John Conner in the 2003 action hit, left rehab, “against doctors advice.”

The 32-year-old actor left the facility a week ago and now his loved ones, including his estranged wife Rose Murphy Stahl, have no idea where he is.

“He’s been missing for four days,” the Daily Mail quoted Rose as saying.

“But I don’t want to comment any further,” she said.

Nick had checked himself out of the undisclosed rehab facility last weekend, then reportedly had gone to stay with a friend.

He was later spotted in downtown Los Angeles, where he had often been seen in the notorious Skid Row area.

Following the sighting, he apparently returned to his friend’s home, however he has not been seen since he left the property last Thursday night.

Once again Nick has his left friends and family members panicked by not telling anyone of his whereabouts, and a full search party has ensued.

“Now he’s disappeared. We can’t find him anywhere. He has not made contact with anyone. We are all just desperately looking for him,” a source said.

“Everyone just wants him to come home. It’s a terrible situation. We are searching, but we’ve had no solid leads,” the source added.