Nigella Lawson threatens to sue PR guru over staged pic claim

London: Nigella Lawson is threatening to sue a London based PR executive, who claims that images of her husband Charles Saatchi grabbing her throat were a publicity stunt.

Lawson`s law firm Schillings has written to Richard Hillgrove, who made the allegations about the TV chef in his web blog, demanding he removes the post, the Sun reported.

The post includes statements that Lawson "wilfully misled the public, acquaintances and others by knowingly orchestrating an `assault` as a cynical PR exercise."

Lawson`s law firm also demanded an "immediate publication of an apology" on his Twitter account.

It also threatened legal action if the claims are not taken down by Hillgrove.

However, the PR expert said that he had obviously touched a nerve and it`s not a crime to have a difference of opinion.

Hillgrove also said that he will not remove his original blog.