No bikini beautiful on billboards in Britain any more

London: Billboards plastered with racy images of scantily-clad models may soon be banned in Britain to prevent sexualisation of children.

Sexually explicit images of women will be removed from billboards near schools, while the most X-rated posters will be banned altogether, the Daily Mail reported.

The move, by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), follows a report from the Mothers` Union which called for the rules on billboard posters to be tightened for preventing the young children from being sexualised.

Under the ASA`s new rules, models posing in lingerie could be banned, although posters of bikini-clad models will only fall foul of the rules if they are posing in a provocative manner.

But even models posing with their hands on their hips or in their hair could find themselves removed from billboards near schools and a poster of a fully-clothed couple could be banned if they are shown in a `passionate clinch`.

The ASA announcement came after representatives from the authority spoke to parents and children in Cardiff county of Wales in June to find out whether the rules governing billboards should be tightened.


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