No dog is a dud, just a mismatch with its owner: Expert

Melbourne: An Australian animal expert has said that people who think their pet dog is dumb are way off the mark, as it is just a case of the master and the animal being mismatched.

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) said that dippy dogs are a myth, which is being perpetuated by our own bad choices.

“Lots of people talk about dumb breeds, but this probably just means that you’ve chosen the wrong type of dog to meet your expectations,” quoted Australian Veterinary Association animal behaviourist Kersti Seksel as saying.

“No breed is dumb - dogs are bred for different purpose and to generalise that some are dumber than others over-simplifies the issue,” she stated.

Dr Seksel said breeds were originally developed to meet certain human needs such as herding or guarding - traits which don’t always suit modern lifestyles.

“Border collies herding and rounding up sheep in the country is a desirable trait but herding and rounding up the kids in the backyard may not be so desirable,” she explained.

“Unfortunately, this is a growing issue, and these choices lead to thousands of dogs being surrendered to shelters every year,” she added.

Dr Seksel also said that for some, the ability to learn quickly is regarded as intelligence, but it may also be regarded as a desire to please, which is not what everyone wants from their pet.

While experts talk about specific breeds being smarter due to their obedient nature and ability to obey commands, it’s not the only element potential dog owners should consider.

It’s often the case that dogs, which don’t respond to some cues, have other talents and may display a more independent nature.

“What is most important if you are looking at different breeds of dogs is to pick one with characteristics that suit you,” she stated.