Now, a ‘split-warmth’ duvet for couples who squabble over the covers

London: Couples with different body temperatures often squabble over bed covers leading to duvet wars, but now a newly designed quilt has promised to put an end to these wars for good.

Bedding experts have created a split-warmth quilt, which is thicker on one side than the other.

The TwoTog, which is made in a Lancashire mill for John Lewis, is believed to be the first in which the quilt comes in one piece.

It means cold-blooded people can snuggle down under the thicker side, while their hot-blooded partners, who regularly throw off the covers, can choose the lighter option.

“Sharing a bed is considered to be the norm in Western society and good for relationships and good for intimacy, but it is not necessarily good for sleep,” the Daily Mail quoted Jessica Alexander, of the Sleep Council, as saying.

“Everybody has different body temperatures and clothing requirements and so sharing a bed can be quite a challenge.

“Particularly as most double beds are 4ft 6in in width – or 2ft 3in each – which is somewhat less than the width of a baby’s cot,” she added.

Almost half of those questioned by the Sleep Council said they were woken up six times a night by their partners.

Snoring topped the list of complaints but “hogging the bed clothes” came a close second.

The TwoTog duvets are filled with Hungarian goose down and are available in summer and winter versions with prices starting at 140 pounds.


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