Now, Australians flock to Facebook to wage war on the burqa

Canberra: People in Australia are now using social networking sites to urge others to participate in action demanding that burqas be outlawed and to express their anger against the controversial garment.

An ‘anti-burqa’ group on Facebook has created a ‘Ban the Burqa day’ page that has called on members to wear a balaclava, mask or "anything that will cover your face" to imitate a Burqa in an event.

Over 13,000 Facebook users are listed as attending the event, the Herald Sun reports.

The major fear among these campaigners is that that by allowing some women to wear the full face/body Burqa, the country is ignoring a serious threat.

They believe the threat is not from Muslims in the country but anyone who wishes to keep their identity hidden.

The move comes as a Muslim woman Carnita Matthews was accused of lying about the police trying to tear her burqa off.

She, however, avoided jail because her identity could not be proven.


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