Now, cell phone that is as loud as vuvuzela

Last Updated: Aug 01, 2010, 13:22 PM IST

London: Home and mobile phone manufacturer Amplicom has unveiled a new `highphone` - a handset almost as loud as a vuvuzela, targeted at people who are hard of hearing.

The Amplicom M6000 lets out sound at a massive 110 decibels - noisier than a heavy rock concert or standing next to a car horn.

Furthermore, its ringtone is 100 decibels - as loud as a road drill.

"Our phones are simple and loud enough to be used by anyone," The News of the World quoted Amplicon spokesman David Youngs, as saying.

"To those who want simplicity, talk of megapixel cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and music files is extremely off-putting," he added.

However, it is not as if the M6000 is sans modern gadgetry - it boasts of an SOS button on the back to call help in an emergency.

The phone, priced at 119.99 pounds, is also compatible with hearing aids. (ANI)