Now, computer monitor that scolds office workers for slouching

London: A multinational electronics firm has come up with a new monitor dubbed the ErgoSensor, which has been created to ‘promote a healthier and productive workplace’.

The Philips’ new monitor does this by detecting improper posture and telling the user if he slouches.

The sensor is embedded in the monitor, where a webcam lens might normally sit, and will advise users to adjust their sitting position if it slips from an acceptable standard, the Daily Mail reported.

The company’s website explains that the monitor will give ‘corrective feedback on optimal viewing distance and ergonomic neck angle’.

The device, which is made up of 65 per cent recycled materials, will also helpfully notify you, judged on how long you’ve been staring at it, whether you should take a break.

Additionally, if you take a coffee break, it will automatically sense your absence and power down.

Philips has estimates that this function solely accounts for an energy saving of 80 per cent.