Now, Cosmopolitan mag launches Cosmo for Guys exclusively on iPad

New York: Now, guys too can grab their own copies of women- oriented Cosmopolitan, as the magazine has launched a version just for men.

CFG, or Cosmo for Guys, is a highly interactive digital magazine available exclusively for the iPad.

Its aim is to help men navigate the female psyche to figure out what women really want.

Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Kate White said that over the years she has received countless emails and letters from men who wished they had a version of Cosmo entirely for themselves.

“The idea for CFG really came from men themselves,” the New York Daily News quoted White as saying in a statement.

“They frequently tell us that they love reading Cosmo because they``re fascinated about what makes females tick, and they want to know how to better please the women in their life.”

“We wanted to come to their rescue and take out the guess work. Women are the real experts of the subject,” she added.

Guys can benefit from the digital magazine’s “Will She Like it?” feature, where women weigh in on men’s wardrobe items. Women judge whether trendy items like fedoras and distressed jeans look sharp or should be shredded.

Another feature included in the app, called “Read Her Mind,” is a tool that will help men decode what women are thinking—something they have struggled with for years.


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