Now, hire professional dumper to break up with your partner

London: Confronting your soon-to-be-ex face-to-face could be a thing of the past, as a professional dumper from UK will now do the job on your behalf.

Jonathan Kiekbusch, a marketing executive from Brighton, found he had such a natural way with breaking off relationships that he turned professional, the Daily Mail reported.

The 21-year-old, who charges just 5 pounds plus expenses of 20 pounds per hour for a face-to-face meeting, can now be your own personal relationship hitman – who promises to dump your girlfriend or boyfriend so that you don’t have to.

Kiekbusch considers himself not only as the right person to help you dump your partner - but also a ‘mediator’ who sets people free when love goes awry.

Kiekbusch has advertised his services via and assures a delivery time of six days.

He said that he ends five or six relationships a week but always interviews the person wanting the break up to get the back-story.

If he feels uncomfortable, he turns down the job. He is quite rigid about never intervening if a situation, which is too complex - if one partner has been unfaithful, for example.

Kiekbusch said that he took up this line of work after a tough break up of his own, where he wished he could call someone in to do his daunting task.

Till now, Kiekbusch has ample of satisfied customers as his advert comes with a positive rating of 100 per cent.


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