Now, it’s Durga on Twitter!

Kolkata: With goddess Durga visiting earthlings for a brief four days of festivity, some turned to micro blogging site Twitter to catch the fun.

"Kolkata luks (sic) lke a beautiful bride during Durga puja," said Arniboy77, which was the top tweet. A more down-to-earth valentin_ucm wrote, "Once again the biggest festival of the Bengalis, Durga Puja, has arrived. It`s time to celebrate."

PrasenjitBan, however, was complaining, "Shubho Maha Ashthami.....Durga Pooja days pass so fast sometimes feel Maa Durga should stay with us for a bit longer."

Priyasatyarthee, on the other hand, had other problems. "My mum`s all gloomy cz i cudn`t take her to see Durga pooja..Hw do i tell her that my work lets me waste time
but not utilize it?? crib crib"

Worse was felt by bulta who tweeted, "Cant njoy da durga puja dis tym...dwn wid fever!!!!dis aint fair... futureatwatch also had a problem apparently, "Wow! Durga puja today, wow i m really excited but my bro he is a real douche bag he is not let me!" Shubhos had a different take. "They could have had a Durga Puja at the CWG closing."

There were also some who were keeping a watch on Bollywood stars.

BollywoodLatest wrote "Bipasha Basu will celebrate Durga Puja with John at Kolkata."

Aagan86 was looking ahead to tomorrow: "tomorrow, nabami eve is reserved for family members to do arati, dance, have last moments of fun with maa durga."

A bit unkind was timothyFrance who wrote "Durga Puja Idols in Kalkota, looking forward to photographing them getting thrown in the river on sunday."