Now, kill Bin Laden using a new video game!

London: Just a week after the US assassinated Osama Bin Laden, gamers will now be able to virtually experience the raid and pull the trigger on the 9/11 mastermind.

In KumaWar Episode 107: Osama 2011, gamers can lead the team of U.S. Navy SEALs who raided the al Qaeda leader``s compound in Abbottabad, and end the terrorist`s life themselves.

The new game, which was launched last weekend, is the latest mission in a seven-year series of free online video games based on the war against terror.

Laden proves highly elusive in the game, never in the same part of the Abbottabad compound and surrounded by defenders of varying numbers and resistance.

``Since we have to reproduce events in 3D, we care deeply about esoteric details like distances, heights, vegetation, furniture and the like that have to be re-created in the game,`` a daily quoted Keith Halper, Kuma`s CEO as saying.

He said many Americans would see it as a form of closure to the 10-year, multi-billion-dollar manhunt.

However, unlike the real life mission, the SEALs in the game can also encounter heavy casualties, as Al Qaeda gang men will have weapons stashed throughout the playing field.


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