Now, take your vehicle to £10K ‘car spa’ for ‘a brand new look’!

London: Forget washing your car with a bucket of soapy water, a sponge and chamois leather. Now, give your car an ultimate all-star treatment.

Take your car to a 10,000 pounds “car spa” that is the world’s most expensive car wash.

The weeklong treatment uses the latest in nano-technology with a “no-touch” technique - where no bare human finger will be laid on the precious cars.

Instead, the perfect - and top secret - combination of water treatment, temperature, and pressure is used to ensure a perfect finish.

The Dubai-based car wash, named Monza Ultimate Detailing and Protection, is particularly popular with car loving British expats living in the Gulf Kingdom.

The 10,000 pounds wash is for customers who own their own custom built cars.

“We only do high end cars like Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Masarati, Lamborghinis and Ferrari,” the Daily Mail quoted Frederick Faidhi, who runs the company, as saying.

‘Ten cars are in my workshop right now and it’s spectacular to come in the morning and enjoy spending time with these incredible cars.

“I strongly believe it’s a tragedy when someone spends so much money on a magnificent car and then ends up going in to a petrol station or washing it at home with normal tap water.

“Normal water is contaminated with minerals and acid - when it evaporates whatever is in the water will remain on the car. This will cause swell marks and shiny distortions called holograms.

“The product we use to combat this is based on nano technology so we are very hologram free. We don’t fade scratches and the swell marks, we eliminate them. We give the car a brand new look,” he added.


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