Now, ‘uplift your spirits’ with bra that holds 25 oz of drink!

New York: Now you can give a boozy boost to your boobs – courtesy Wine Rack, a bra that holds 25 oz. of drink while giving a lift.

A New Jersey company that specializes in wacky gifts is selling the Wine Rack, an assets-enhancing piece of polyurethane that allows thirsty ladies to nurse their drinks.

"You won`t find this at Victoria`s Secret. It is not like one boob fills up and the other goes flat. I made my girlfriend put it on, and she looked good,” The New York Daily News quoted Paul Krasulja of, which sells the wacky bras that range from the petite 32A to the amply endowed 38C.

The store also sells toilet-shaped coffee mugs, a remote control fart machine and edible G-strings.

Krasulja touted the sports bra as a recession-friendly way to drink, offering women a sneaky method for combating high-priced drinks at sporting events.

He said security guards aren`t about to get hands-on, even with a well-endowed woman.

"You grab a woman there, fuggeddaboutit," he said.

"But even if you put your hand on it, it would feel like a boob."

The Wine Bra sells for 29.95 dollars.