Obama creates buzz among college-goers

New Delhi: "Do you think I can sneak a look at Barack Obama when he is here?" asks 19-year-old Sara Khan, a Delhi University student and a self-confessed Obama fan. She is one of the many youngsters who are eagerly awaiting the president`s visit to India Nov 6-8.

"Obama is a world leader and not just the president of the United States of America. When he gave his presidential speech, I had tears in my eyes! He broke all barriers and became the first black American president...he spoke about change in a language that we youngsters understood," Khan says passionately.

She now hopes that when the US president is in Delhi, she will be able to get a glimpse of him. Obama will reach Mumbai Saturday and touch down to Delhi Sunday.

Like Khan, Sarita Jain, another Delhi student, said: "I know that Obama will be visiting Rajghat on Monday and am hoping to catch a sight of him and Michelle that day! The security will be tight, I know, but there`s nothing wrong in hoping!"

In Mumbai, where Obama will address students from city colleges at St. Xavier`s, there`s a similar excitement among the Gen. Y members.

"Looking forward to President Obama`s visit...it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity," posted a student of the college on the social networking website Facebook.

However, Soumya Patel, another Mumbai youngster, said that while she is floored by Obama`s charisma, she is more keen to see what is the final outcome of his India visit.

"A lot of important discussions are going to take place during Obama`s visit. Issues like health, education and counter-terrorism will be talked about, and I am keen to know what will be the concrete outcome of this much hyped visit," Patel said.

Abhishek Jain, a student of Delhi University, added: "I want to apply to some US universities after graduation and so I am going to watch closely what this trip of the US president brings about."

"It seems youth and education will be his top priority, so I hope something good comes of it so that students like me can benefit."