Obama faces dwindling support from Hollywood

London: Many Hollywood stars who had given Barack Obama their wholehearted support in his presidential campaign now seem disillusioned by him.

While Matt Damon had actively campaigned for Obama in 2008, others like Tom Hanks, George Clooney and Steven Spielberg had donated money to his campaign.

But today many of the stars have indicated that Obama hasn’t lived up to their expectations.

“He misinterpreted his mandate… He’s doubled down on a lot of things,” the Independent quoted Matt Damon as telling CNN.

“I thought he would do a better job,” said Jon Stewart, the previously pro-Obama comedian and host of the Daily Show TV programme.

Other actors have expressed their disappointment Obama’s failure to fulfill particular promises Obama had made to voters.

Robert Redford said that the president had failed to ‘roll up his sleeves’ on energy reform.

Jane Lynch, the openly gay star of the TV series Glee, criticized his non-committal stance on gay marriage.

“He is a huge disappointment to me,” she said.


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