Obama`s daughter to attend summer camp

Washington: US President Barack Obama`s girls have lived in a Washington bubble for the past 18 months, but First Daughter Malia will soon be embarking on an age-old American rite of passage: summer camp.

Her father broke the news in an interview with NBC on yesterday in which he said his 12-year-old will be heading for sleepover camp for the first time, putting a crimp in the First Family`s summer vacation plans.

"We`re going to be trying to figure out where we`re going to be able to take some time over the course of the summer," Obama said.

"But a month of it`s going to be taken up with Malia going away for camp, which she`s never done before."

The government offers protection to Obama`s family members, so the US Secret Service will undoubtedly follow Malia to the camp, whose name Obama did not mention.

During her time away she may trade her privileged lifestyle in the White House for the more traditional American camp experience, which often involves campers making their own beds, sleeping in log cabins with no air-conditioning, and mosquito-filled nights roasting marshmallows over an open fire.

Malia and her little sister Sasha are the youngest residents of the White House in a generation.

Bureau Report