Obama’s favourite chef opens his 1st restaurant in London

London: US President Barack Obama’s favourite chef has opened his first restaurant in the UK.

Austrian-born chef Puck, who opened his first restaurant, Spago in Los Angeles three decades ago, founded his 26th restaurant Cut at Park Lane of London.

“The lunch portions are slightly smaller,” the Independent quoted the restaurant’s director, Loyd Loudy, as saying.

“And there are more greens and more seafood. Wolfgang loves the fish and seafood. It is much better than he can get in Los Angeles,” he added.

Loudy even added that though Puck had been eyeing London for years, ‘there has never been the right mix’, as he always wanted to open the restaurant in a hotel.

According to Loudy, Cut will be quite unique to the Londoners with its style of service.

“It is the philosophy of service. Wolfgang believes passionately in front of house. The way we greet people and the style of service will be more like in the US, and entirely new to London,” he added.