Octomom one step closer from being kicked out of California home

London: Nadya Suleman, who is better known as Octomom, is close to being homeless as her La Hambra, California home is officially foreclosed.

Despite shooting a porn video last month, Suleman still couldn’t make the mortgage payments on the property, and the home was officially given back to the bank today.

According to TMZ.com, there were no bidders on the property this morning when it went to auction.

Amer Haddadin, the former owner of the home, lost the property after Octomom failed to pay him.

He said that the house’s opening bid was 355,643 dollars but nobody was interested.

Octomom is still living in the house with her huge brood, but she will eventually be kicked out.

The sale of the house had been postponed for several weeks.

At the start of last month it emerged that the auction had been postponed until May 7.

The home, which came under scrutiny recently because of its dilapidated state, was supposed to be auctioned off after Suleman stopped making payments more than a year ago.

At the time, Haddadin, who loaned Suleman more than 450,000 dollrs to buy the house, said his own credit has suffered as a result and was told by Indy-Mac bank that the auction had been postponed.

“The bank told me that the auction had been postponed until May 7 and I told them that Nadya had filed for bankruptcy, which I think they already knew,” the Daily mail quoted him as telling the website.

Octomom had filed for bankruptcy after falling into 1million dollars worth of debt.

Suleman reported up to 50,000 dollars in assets in federal court filings, meaning she owed more than 20 times her net worth.


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