Ohio clerk flubs lottery ticket, but wins $250K

New Lexington: An Ohio store clerk`s mistake when printing a Mega Millions lottery ticket has won her USD 250,000. Naomi Mauller forgot to add an extra game to a customer`s lottery ticket on Tuesday night, so she printed a new ticket and bought her USD 2 mistake. Both her ticket and its twin hit, raking in USD 250,000 for each winner.

Mauller works at Woolfe`s Huff & Puff Mini Mart in New Lexington in south-eastern Ohio. She`s going to use the money to buy a car and pay off some debt.

The store`s owner, Mike Kane, said the other customer was a local. Mauller met him at the store Friday for a happy reunion. The state lottery commission did not have his name.

The winning numbers on the Mega Millions tickets were 12, 17, 21, 23 and 30. The Woolfe`s winners didn`t hit the Mega Ball number, 24.

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