Okay to give early teens cellphones, but not tablets

Washington: The appropriate age for teens to own a cell phone is 13 to 15 years but for tablets and smart phones, it should be 16 years or more, a new survey has revealed.

The survey conducted by opinion community site SodaHead.com took into consideration, the opinion of 1,066 respondents of various ages, including teenagers.

54 percent of the respondents said children should receive their first cell phone between the ages of 13 and 15, while 24 percent said that children 12 and under should have a phone, reports Live Science.

Around 22 percent of the respondents held that cell phones should be given out only to those, who are 16 years and older.

Married respondents were more than twice as likely as singles to believe that kids should wait till they are 16 to get their first cell phone, the poll revealed.

About 33 percent of parents believed 16 is the appropriate age for a phone, while only 17 percent of those who are unmarried said that a child should wait that long.

When it comes to more expensive high-tech products such as smartphones and tablets, the majority of respondents believed kids shouldn’t own smart phones (66 percent) and tablets (67 percent) until they are 16.

Surprisingly, 64 percent of teen respondents also said teenagers should wait until they are 16 to get their first tablet. But only 8 percent of teens believed they should have to wait until 16 for their first cell phone.


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