One in 3 women can’t leave home without make-up

London: A new survey has revealed that one in three women in the UK would never leave home without wearing make-up.

And nearly 23 per cent reapply it within just two or three hours of being out.

For many British women, the thought of facing the world without their ‘face on’ is the stuff of nightmares, according to the survey for TV shopping channel QVC.

On average, they think about their appearance nine times a day.

Job interviews and first dates emerged as the situations where women are most likely to feel stressed about their appearance and are more likely to apply make-up liberally.

The poll also found 30 per cent of women admit that their beauty regime is the last thing on their minds at night and 16 per cent say that it is the first thing they think about in the morning.

“This research proves what we have always suspected, that women love to look their best,” the Daily Mail quoted Sue Leeson, marketing director of QVC, as saying.

However, men should not feel too flattered by the findings.

More than a third of the women polled said that they were more worried about looking good for other women than impressing the opposite sex.

This suggests their attachment to their cosmetics could be less about vanity, and more about wanting to boost confidence.


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