One in ten Austrian teens say Hitler did ‘good things’: Poll

Vienna: One in ten young Austrians think Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler did some ‘good things’, a shocking poll has found.

The Youth Culture Research Institute poll found 11.2 percent of respondents said Hitler “did many good things for the people”, The Daily Mail reports.

The finding was described as ‘frightening’ by the local newspaper as it is coupled with the general mistrust and dislike of non-Austrians.

One in four respondents said there are “too many Turks” in Austria, who form the predominant immigrant group in the country.

Austrians were worried over future job prospects because they would have to compete with Turkish immigrants, study author Beate Grossegger said.

According to the poll, 18.2 percent of Austrians said ``Jews have now, like before, too much influence over the world economy``.

40.5 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement that ``for many immigrants, the Austrians are viewed as a lesser people``.

The pollsters said the less educated youth reported more extremist views and though their well-educated counterparts had extremist overtones, they expressed them in more ``subtle`` ways.

Youth Culture Research Institute Chairperson Bernhard Heinzlmaier said well educated people belonging to middle class were xenophobic, which was nurtured by prolonged ``neo-liberally brainwashing``.

The Youth And Zeitgeist study was carried out among 400 young people in Vienna.

Austria had a tense relationship with Hitler’s regime after it was taken over by Hitler - in 1938.


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